SHLSchweizerische Hochschule für Landwirtschaft (German: Swiss College of Agriculture)
SHLShift Logical Left
SHLSilver Haired Legislature
SHLSouthern Hockey League
SHLSingle Hidden Layer (neural networks)
SHLSurface Hole Location (oil and gas)
SHLSpace Heater Large
SHLSuper Hot Lot (final test silicon)
SHLSleepy Hollow Lake (New York)
SHLSudden Hearing Loss
SHLSave Human Life
SHLSchmidt Hammer Lassen (architecture firm; various locations)
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A global leader in the design and manufacturing of auto injectors and pen injectors, SHL offers innovative designs, robust manufacturing capabilities, a lean supply chain, strong partnerships, and more.
The SHL Test measures the Spanish language skill levels of students by focusing on the unique characteristics of the learner's grammar, verb use, spelling, and vocabulary.
SHL is a traditional Chinese medicine preparation composed of three herbs: Lonicerae Japonicae Flos, Scutellariae Radix and Fructus Forsythiae.
Mohamed Farid, regional managing director at SHL, said that the UAE had an "exceptionally strong pool of potential leaders for tomorrow" that "jump ahead" of countries in Europe.
It's alarming to see that managers are the worst offenders for misrepresenting themselves to employers, with 18 per cent exaggerating or making up their level and range of experience," the Age quoted SHL managing director Stephanie Christopher as saying.
This offers customers direct access to market-leading psychometric assessment expertise, on-the-ground support through the Dubai office with an Arabic and English speaking customer service function and a range of up-to-date tests in Arabic - this is in addition to the broad selection of SHL online assessments already available in 31 languages.
Over 200 SHL employees attended the event hosted by special guest Lucio Giambattista, vice president of SHL Medical USA.
adjustment pursuant to a net debt and net current asset calculation of SHL as
The property market has changed and evolved,' said SHL managing director, Sheikh Abdullatif Al Shalash, 'But with our experience in the industry, our customers will absolutely benefit by exploring their home finance needs with us.
This is an exciting time to join SHL, a growing company with enormous global potential and 30 years' worth of assets that help to transform the workplace," he said.
Eugene Burke, director of design and innovation at SHL Group, said: "Our research shows there is a high level of dissatisfaction among the spending public when it comes to service provided at Christmas.