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Decomposition of a Measured SHLC into its Hysteretic and Anhysteretic components
As the first step in the interpolation of an arbitrary inner hysteresis loop, it is necessary to decompose each of the measured SHLC to its hysteretic and anhysteretic components
7 for the most outer ascending SHLC measured at 220 V supply.
The high interpolation accuracy that CHN_II nodes accomplish for a measured SHLC implies an idea of the measurement of a family of SHLCs at the loop tips matching the CHN_II nodes, instead of the equidistant loop tip values.
k] nodes, over 13 CHN_II nodes matching the instantaneous values of the measured hysteretic SHLC components.
Taking into account that hysteretic component of SHLC is, by definition (36), an even function, the actual number of computations is decreased from 21 to 10.
Generation of the corresponding SHLC approximation polynomial is performed using (11)-(14) and (15)-(18) (Section II C).
The successful interpolative prediction of an inner SHLC requires usage of CHN_II nodes, along with decomposition of all measured SHLCs to its hysteretic and anhysteretic components.
The interpolative prediction of an arbitrary inner SHLC was tested through prediction of hysteretic SHLC components and its essence is presented in Section IV D.
The interpolative prediction of an inner SHLC requires that all measured SHLCs have to be decomposed to its hysteretic and anhysteretic component.
Finally, sum of both hysteretic (even) and its corresponding anhysteretic (odd) SHLC interpolation polynomial gives the actual SHLC interpolation polynomial.