SHLINKSchleswig-Holstein Link
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The stake wagered on the metaphysical battle of Shlink and Garga is whether or not there is any way out of reification.
As Shlink demonstrates the power of his position by buying off Garga's family, mistress, and job, Garga revolts by stripping off his clothes and running amok.
Shlink circumvents this strategy by converting Garga into an exploiter and thus reintegrating him into economic determinations.
This is the psychological mechanism implied by the frontier code that motivates the love/hate ambivalence in Shlink and Garga's relations.
Shlink concedes the inevitable stalemate of their attempt at engagement by emphasizing the impossibility of transversing the utter isolation that separates human beings:
Shlink proceeds to invoke the vision of the primeval jungle as a utopian counterpart to the emotional death of the subject of civilization: "The forest!