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SHMSociety of Hospital Medicine (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
SHMStructural Health Monitoring
SHMSwedish House Mafia (music group)
SHMSomatic Hypermutation (immune system)
SHMSimple Harmonic Motion
SHMStatens Historiska Museum (Swedish: State Historical Museum)
SHMShaman (Everquest)
SHMShell Macro
SHMShared Memory
SHMSean Hyland Motorsport (Canada)
SHMSub-Harmonic Mixer
SHMSterling Hall of Medicine (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
SHMSporadic Hemiplegic Migraine
SHMSpace Hydrogen Maser (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space)
SHMSociale Huisvestingsmaatschappij (Dutch: Social Housing Company; Belgium)
SHMSubretinal Hyperreflective Material (eye health)
SHMSystem Hardware Monitor
SHMShort Hold Mode
SHMScalar Helium Magnetometer
SHMServicio Histórico Militar (Spanish: Military Service History)
SHMSilver Haired Men (gaming, Final Fanasy 7)
SHMShoreham Airport
SHMStock Horse Mare (Breyer mold)
SHMSingle Hispanic Male
SHMShips Heading Marker
SHMSafety and Health Manager
SHMSection 8 Housing Manager (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials)
SHMShutter Mechanism
SHMSpooky Hockey Mask
SHMSolar Helium Magnetometer
SHMSafehold Mode
SHMShower, Hair, Makeup
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To improve the stability of the data transmission in the SHM system, wired data transmission is used between the sensor and acquisition facility, and between the acquisition facility and the low-level instrument.
The hardware of the proposed SHM system shall exploit emerging technology that has recently become commercially available.
As a result, the amplitude and phase balance for the miniature spiral type Marchand balun may deteriorate and the performance of the SHM will suffer.
The mystery shopper results showed the college's performance to be 'spotty at best,' and pushed SHM to design a new operating model for the college.
Details on the regions were not revealed, but in the 2007-2008 SHM survey, adult hospitalists in the South and Midwest received more compensation than those in the East and West regions.
Within SHM the difference results in two formulations of SHM.
SHM also is leading efforts to set standards for transitions of care at hospital admission and discharge, in part because hospitalists have often been criticized as contributing to a lack of continuity of care, according to Dr.
SHM is working with the National Quality Forum, the American Medical Association's Physician Consortium on Performance Improvement (PCPI), and others to set standards for performance in a broad range of clinical and administrative issues.
Auctioneers SHM Smith Hodgkinson said they would be inviting offers for the 13 houses - including notorious Number 10, where Trevor Jordache was murdered.
Wiley-Blackwell and the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) recently launched a new blog called Wachter's World (, written by physician Robert M.
We wanted to clarify some misconceptions about SHM's viewpoint of the American Board of Internal Medicine's revisions to the maintenance of certification (MOC) process as reported in your article.