SHMCSacred Heart Medical Center (Eugene, Oregon)
SHMCStrength and Honor Motorcycle Club (various locations)
SHMCSunrise Hospital and Medical Center (Las Vegas, NV)
SHMCSuper Hoya Multi-Coated (camera lens filter; Hoya)
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In his remarks, the Chairman of the Committee, Sen Danjuma La'ah (PDP-Kaduna South) welcomed the proposal to make the SHMC fully functional and ensure that members of the first and second families use the facilities at the clinic.
Conclusion: SHMC is superior to PMC in reducing pain and improving wound healing for managing Ingrown Toenails.
In recent years, Sodium Hydroxide Matricectomy (SHMC) has been proved to be as successful as PMC, but with less postoperative drainage, shorter healing periods and a lower risk of local or systemic toxicity6-12.
In group A, the patients underwent PMC whereas in group B, the patients underwent SHMC. All the patients underwent partial nail avulsion in the Minor OT of CMH Kharian as outdoor patients, under local anesthesia (Digit ring block) and asepsis, after application of tourniquet at the base of toe.
In recent years, several authors reported similar high success rates of SHMC, with less morbidity and quick healing6-9.
There are few studies in international literature comparing PMC with SHMC but no study has been done yet in Pakistan.
A detailed comparative RCT by Bostanci and colleagues6 in 2007 revealed that success rates in SHMC and PMC were 95.1% and 95.8% respectively.
Similarly in this study wound drainage and infection rates were significantly lower and wound healing was significantly better after SHMC. Thus this study when analysed in context of these studies, implies that SHMC is superior to PMC in reducing pain and improving wound healing for managing ingrown toenails.