SHMCSacred Heart Medical Center (Eugene, Oregon)
SHMCSunrise Hospital and Medical Center (Las Vegas, NV)
SHMCSuper Hoya Multi-Coated (camera lens filter; Hoya)
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The Court had previously ruled that SHMC had extracted additional labor from the RNs when they missed rest periods.
Serving the inland Northwest region (multi-state), SHMC offers several centers of excellence.
SHMC broke the law when they threatened nurses for exercising their rights as union members.
WSNA on March 2nd filed an unfair labor practice charge against SHMC with the National Labor Relations Board.
Both versions are CO (Central Office) ready, featuring redundant cooling using four of the patented Rittal RiCool blowers and will support 2 or 4 PEMs and 2 ShMCs for complete redundancy.