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SHMOSocial Health Maintenance Organization
SHMOState Hazard Mitigation Officer
SHMOSenior Hospital Medical Officer
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PACE, SHMO, and the State-based integrated care programs are examples of new experimental programs underway to improve functional health outcomes, by coordinating clinical, rehabilitative, and LTC services for elderly individuals with chronic illness and disability.
Provision: Extends the SHMO demonstration until 18 months after submission of an integration and transition plan report to Congress as required under the Balanced Budget Act.
The use of data from the SHMO also imposes some important limitations in applying this experience to PACE.
Our decision to move from the SHMO program to our new program options was forced, in part, by the fact that HCFA reneged on a commitment made in 1993 to conduct a Medicare HMO Alternative Risk Payment Methodology and Data Development Demonstration to make our payment more equitable.
A Comparison of SHMO Disenrollees and Continuing Members.
The consolidated, prepaid SHMO model has been looked to by many policymakers and providers as a rational way to deliver managed, integrated health and long-term care (LTC) services (Callahan and Wallack, 1981; Rivlin and Wiener, 1988).
They include PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly), SHMOs (social health maintenance organizations), GEM (Geriatric Evaluation and Management).
Review programs such as PACE and SHMOs (Social Health Maintenance Organizations) and demonstrations funded through the Real Systems Change Grant Program to identify and replicate more innovative and efficient home and community-based service delivery systems.