SHMPSodium Hexametaphosphate (chemistry)
SHMPSeismic Hazard Mapping Program (Department of Conservation; California)
SHMPState Hazard Mitigation Program (various states)
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Whatever the nature of the settlement pattern in the period 6800-5400 BP it is evident from the radiocarbon dates acquired by the SHMP, notably those from Bolsay Farm, that the early Neolithic people of this region re-used locations which had been favoured by Mesolithic people prior to 6800 BP.
I am also grateful to Historic Scotland for their support of the SHMP, especially with regard to secruing radiocarbon dates, and to Patrick Ashmore for discussion as to their interpretation.
SHMP is used as an anti-microbial adjunct in beverages, for tartar control and as a whitening agent in oral care products.
Imports of Chinese SHMP selling at prices less than fair value led to the Chinese producers capturing a substantial market share.
Tim Treinen, VP Performance Chemicals -- Innophos, stated, "The capital investment at our Waterway facility is necessary to meet increasing customer demand brought on by a new set of market dynamics in all SHMP market segments and demonstrates Innophos' ongoing commitment to our SHMP business.