SHMPSodium Hexametaphosphate (chemistry)
SHMPSeismic Hazard Mapping Program (Department of Conservation; California)
SHMPState Hazard Mitigation Program (various states)
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In certain phosphate salts, such as SHMP, a Newtonian-to-shear thinning-to-Newtonian transition was observed at the concentration at which the turbidity reached a minimum, suggesting a network had formed.
El presente estudio contribuye a los estudios floristicos de liquenes realizados en SHMP, y en general a las zonas andinas del Peru.
Keywords: Dilband iron ore, Polymeric dispersants, SS, SHMP, SPP, EDTA.
Much of the earlier work on selective flocculation was carried out in the presence of inorganic dispersants, like SS, SHMP, SPP, and STPP.
In separation systems involving clays, SHMP was found to be a better dispersant than SS due to its higher adsorption that leads to high surface charge [3].
Weissenborn [13] also found that STPP is more selective as compared to SS and SHMP during the selective flocculation of ultrafine iron ore with starch.
Therefore in the dolomite-silica system and the apatite-dolomite system the use of SHMP and SS during wet grinding did not recovered the selectivity loss [3].
SHMP, SS, SPP, and EDTA are the abbreviations used for the dispersants sodium hexameta phosphate, sodium silicate, sodium pyrophosphate, and ethylene-diamine-tetraacetatic-acid respectively.
Investigating the effect of SHMP, seven concentration levels were tested (Fig.
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