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There is a small possibility of storms accompanied by hail, SHMU wrote.
This project was supported by Noor Ophthalmology Research Center and Shahroud University of Medical Sciences (SHMU).
The Ethics Committee of Shahroud University of Medical Sciences (SHMU) approved the study, which was conducted in accord with the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki.
@jennifermjones: I am off to Aberdeen for meetings with SHMU and to attend the first #DIGICW2014 community media cafe in the North East.
The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMU) has thus issued weather warnings for most regions in Slovakia.
The contract is to supply meteorological data SHMU, which will serve as a support tool for the management of Borrmaweb performance winter service on motorways and expressways in the report for NDS 148-200 sites.