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Specifically, we analyzed the records of 345 Japanese peri- and postmenopausal women (age: 4059 years) who had been enrolled in the Systematic Health and Nutrition Education Program (SHNEP) conducted at the Menopause Clinic of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital between February 2006 and December 2010.
The goals of SHNEP were to improve the general health status by prescribing appropriate medications after a physician's assessment and providing advice on diet and exercise regimens after lifestyle assessment by nutritionists.
Data were recorded on the following physical characteristics of the women enrolled in the SHNEP: height (cm); body weight (kg); body mass index (BMI), which was calculated as weight (kg)/height2 ([m.sup.2]); waist circumference (cm); hip circumference (cm); waist-hip ratio, which was calculated as waist circumference/hip circumference; body fat percentage (%); lean body mass (kg); and body water mass (kg), with the latter 3 being measured using the body composition analyzer MC-190EM (Tanita, Tokyo, Japan).