SHNSScripps Howard News Service
SHNSSelf-Healing Network Service
SHNSSociety of Head and Neck Surgeons
SHNSSacred Heart Nativity School (San Jose, CA)
SHNSSchool of Natural Health Sciences
SHNSSupraoptic Hypophyseal Neurosecretory System
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This task will fall to the GBSLEP's Strategic Spatial Plan for Recovery and Growth (SSPRG), relying on the SHNS as evidence to support the scale and distribution of housing growth for the next two decades.
Although the publication of the SHNS is a welcome step in helping to shape the growth of Greater Birmingham, it is perhaps not as big as step as many had hoped in terms of offering a definitive solution.
Janet's professional skills, so evident at Manly, saw her appointed to Assistant Director of Nursing with SHNS and, in time, Deputy Director of Nursing.
During her time with the SHNS Janet coordinated for the first Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accreditation of the organisation.
It was Janet who devised the computer based model of data collection and she became the main contact at SHNS for implementing a community nursing information system.
For the past three years, she also was the chief national political writer for SHNS.
The newly formed SHNS will manufacture, sell, install and service Very Small Aperture Terminals, including Telephony Earth Stations and Personal Earth Stations.
SHNS expands the system's network to handle calls at any given second from 50,000 to 500,000.