SHOAAStudent Housing Officers Association of Australia, Inc.
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Shoaa al Abdullah won gold for roller-skating, while Khalifa al Dosari and Mubarak al Hebabi won two bronze medals for competing in the same category.
Results of simulation by Khalighi [7], Zinati Shoaa [14], Karimizad [5], and Abbassi [1] was similar too.
CAIRO: The Lawyers' Syndicate strike deterred defense lawyers from pleading their case during the latest hearing of Hisham Talaat Moustafa and Mohsen Al-Sukkari's retrial, Bahaa Eddin Abu Shoaa said Sunday.
Abu Shoaa, one of Moustafa's lawyers, told daily News Egypt, "We found ourselves, as prominent lawyers, caught between obeying the Lawyers' Syndicate call [to strike] and making our pleas [in court], though I am personally against the idea."
Car driver Shoaa Faisl Saeed, 42, of Cole Valley Road, Hall Green, was convicted of careless driving, without insurance, and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.
Fitness fanatic Asif Sindhu, aged 33, was struck by motorist Shoaa Faisl Saeed at the junction of Lincoln Street, Hallam Street and Edward Road in Balsall Heath last September.
Last month at Birmingham Crown Court, Shoaa Faisl Saeed, 42, of Cole Valley Road, Hall Green, was fined pounds 950 with pounds 150 costs and banned from the road for two-and-a-half years after being convicted of driving without due care and attention and other motoring offences.
Fitness fanatic Asif Sindhu died after being knocked off his bike by motorist Shoaa Faisl Saeed, who had no valid driving licence or insurance.