SHOFSongwriters Hall of Fame
SHOFSnowmobile Hall of Fame (St. Germain, WI)
SHOFScenery Hall of Fame (flight simulation)
SHOFShell Heavy Oil Fractionator
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Rossiter, "Steady-state operability of multi-variable non-square systems: application to model predictive control (MPC) of the shell heavy oil fractionator (SHOF)," in Proceedings of Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Athens, Greece, June 2007.
The control variables used in the regressions are LNSL (log of annual sales, :measured in thousands of dollars), EXCH (whether listed on NYSE or not), SHOF (proportion of shares held by officers and directors), and LVRG (leverage).
(p-value) Intercept 0.62 0.51 (.61) LNSL 0.19 2.16 (.03) EXCH -0.25 -0.83 (.41) SHOF -2.03 -2.02 (.04) LVRG 0.08 0.12 (.90) QUAL 0.30 1.33 (.19) F = 3.29, p [less than] .01; [R.sup.2] = .14 Dependent Variable = TIME Parameter Coefficient t-stat.
The redevelopment project is a joint venture between Salmon Harvester Opportunity Fund (SHOF), Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council.
Matthew Meaden of SHOF said: "This redevelopment brings 10,000sqm of floor space back into use, redefines the retail and leisure pitch in Worcester and brings" There will be a grand opening event on July 29.