SHOLShip Helicopter Operating Limit (various locations)
SHOLSuperHighway OnLine (ISP in Somerset, PA)
SHOLSociedad Hidroelectrica Olanchana (Honduran hydroelectric company)
SHOLScenic Highway of Legends (Colorado)
SHOLShadow Hunters of Light (gaming clan)
SHOLSuper Highway On Line
SHOLSimulation Higher Order Language
SHOLSurrey Hills Onward Learning (UK)
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Nomenclature B: Hangar width or beam BH: Bridge height BL: Bridge length BW: Bridge width BX: Bridge location CCD: Charge coupled device FFT: Fast Fourier transform H: Height of the hangar [I.sub.i]: Turbulence intensity of the "i" velocity component L: Distance from the hangar to the centre of the flight deck [L.sub.1]: Length of the SFS precedent to the hangar [L.sub.2]: Length of the flight deck Nd: YAG: Neodymium: yttrium aluminium garnet PIV: Particle image velocimetry SFS: Simple frigate shape SHOL: Ship helicopter operational limitations U: Mean value of the x velocity component measured by LDA [U.sub.
Later, when it was close to the Tibetan New Year, we transferred all the prisoners at Nangtseshag to the Shol Office, as it was mandatory by law not to keep any prisoners at the Nangtseshag during the Tibetan New Year festival.
All species produce microfilariae that are present in host blood, and known vectors are haematophagous mosquitoes (Culicidae spp.; Anderson 2000) and horn flies (Haematobia spp.; Shol and Drobischenko 1973).
Silver pomfret and tilapia are the most familiar species; others include ayer, bual, ruhu, pabdoa, tengra, bacha, kalibaush, phangish, bata, shingi, magur, meni, keski, batasi, buzuri, moilla, lotia, bailla, hilsa steak, doratana, starbaim, koral block, gutum, chital, shol, putta and shorputti.
Helped by heavy US bombing, Northern Alliance moves closer to the strategic city of Mazar-i-Sharif, with its spokesman Ashraf Nadeem saying its forces have seized the Shol Ghar district from Taliban forces and have some units as close as 13 km south of Mazar-i-Sharif.
The Shol Ghar district, 30 miles from Mazar -i-Sharif, was also captured with a second area Zaray.
Opposition troops took control of Shol Ghar, about 30 miles from the strategic city, and some units were just eight miles south of Mazar-e-Sharif, said Alliance spokesman Ashraf Nadeem.
24 (SUNA)- The Secretary of Political Mobilization at Abyei Department of the National Congress, Shol Muwen, has welcomed the agreement signed Monday in Juba between Sudan and South Sudan State on the four freedoms (ownership, movement, residence and work).
In the 12 month, the Sera monks who murdered the Phenpo district officer were detained at Shol prison.
First Corporal Tanj Daraj, First Corporal Ban Kundai Wak, Corporal Malara Guy Guy, Corporal Tut Sin Jack, Corporal Nwai Shon Foj Jack, Corporal Galwal Tonj Beyk Tajuj, Corporal James Bol Shol, Corporal Michael Mdawk Riyak, Corporal Thomas Cloudy Ibrahim, Corporal Oliver Zak Rijack, Corporal Joseph Mzouk Mror, Soldier James Suku, and Soldier Marino Lino Dario.