SHOPPState Highway Operation and Protection Program
SHOPPSupplemental Hospital Offset Payment Program (Oklahoma)
SHOPPState Heating Oil and Propane Program (retail price monitor; New Hampshire)
SHOPPNeighborhood Self Help by Older Persons Project (New York)
SHOPPSmall Health Organizations Partnership Program (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
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Shopp is currently on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court accused of attacking Spratt at her home in Arnish, Erskine, on April 21 last year.
Oklahoma implemented the Supplemental Hospital Offset Payment Program, or SHOPP program, in 2011.
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(47) Schenk, D., Barbour, R., Dunn, W., Gordon, G., Grajeda, H., Guido, T., Hu, K., Huang, J., Johnson-Wood, K., Khan, K., Kholodenko, D., Lee, M., Liao, Z., Lieberburg, I., Motter, R., Mutter, L., Soriano, F., Shopp, G., Vasquez, N., Vandevert, C., Walker, S., Wogulis, M., Yednock, T., Games, D.
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HB 1381 the Supplemental Health Offset Payment Plan (SHOPP), which establishes a fund for hospitals to contribute to supplement state Medicaid funds ensuring a federal match.
We support all the hypervisors or operating systems," said Ryan Shopp, CA senior director of virtualisation product marketing, of these new products.
For example, in a 1949 Los Angeles Times article profiling then-Miss America Bebe Shopp's visit to Paris, Shopp is quoted as having said that she did not approve of the bikini for American girls ("Miss" 1).