SHORADSShort Range Air Defense System
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The Saab Bofors Dynamics RBS23 Bamse system appears to have been developed to provide better altitude coverage than existing Shorads, and to intercept smaller targets.
Other naval Shorads include the MBDA Vertical Launch Seawolf and Mica.
The somewhat heavier Shorad guided missiles fill the gap between Vshorads and medium-range systems that provide engagements beyond 20 kilometres.
The Raytheon Aim-120 Amraam is employed in the airfield Shorad role in Kongsberg's Norwegian Advanced Surface-Air Missile System (Nasams), which combines six-round towed firing units and Raytheon MPQ-64 surveillance and TPQ-36A tracking radars; the latter augmented by thermal imaging cameras.
Russia's first significant mobile Shorad system was the Antey 9K33 Romb or Osa (SA-8), which first appeared in 1974 and is based on a 6 x 6 amphibious vehicle.