SHORCALShore-based Consolidated Allowance List
SHORCALShore Consolidated Allowance List
SHORCALShore-based Aviation Consolidated Allowance List
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Working with CNAF-Allowancing and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), CFWP was able to update the H-60 Weapons System Planning Document (WSPD) prior to ASD Atsugi's recent Shore Based Consolidated Allowance List (SHORCAL) event.
--ASD Misawa held their SHORCAL event that updated and matched the changing configuration of the assigned P-3 aircraft to the proper part support.
We have identified potential material reductions to our SHORCAL [Shore-based Aviation Consolidated Allowance List] in excess of 50 percent of current inventory levels--both AVDLR [Aviation Depot Level Repairable] and consumable--without impacting on-station readiness.