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SHOTSociety for the History of Technology
SHOTSerious Hazards of Transfusion (UK)
SHOTShooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show
SHOTSight Hound Organization of Tidewater (Virginia)
SHOTStudent Health Outreach Team (University of Florida)
SHOTSingle-Hull Oil Tanker
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They shot him, and pursued me, by the scent of their dog, three miles; but I killed the dog, and escaped.
By this time we were well used to the roar of heavy guns, the rattle of musket fire, and the flying of shot near us; but never had I been under such a fire as we rode through on that day.
Of twenty-four arrows, shot in succession, ten were fixed in the target, and the others ranged so near it, that, considering the distance of the mark, it was accounted good archery.
This was the first that Jim heard, the sound of the squire's shot not having reached him.
The man who had been shot in the thicket was James Vane.
The other archers in this round were disconcerted by the preceding shots, or unable to keep the pace.
One he shot through the head; M'ling flung himself upon the other, and the two rolled grappling.
The dark trunks of the trees rose from the pure white of the snow in regularly formed shafts, until, at a great height, their branches shot forth horizontal limbs, that were covered with the meagre foliage of an evergreen, affording a melancholy contrast to the torpor of nature below.
Hoggs comes for the shooting; I told you he was a lovely shot.
As quick as lightning the man's head shot forward and his neck stretched out until the top of the head, where it was flat, struck the Scarecrow in the middle and sent him tumbling, over and over, down the hill.
The huntsman took up his bow, and at one shot struck all the five eggs as his father wished.
They were about three hundred yards from us, and therefore practically out of shot, but Good, who was walking ahead, and who had an express loaded with solid ball in his hand, could not resist temptation.