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SHOTSociety for the History of Technology
SHOTSerious Hazards of Transfusion (UK)
SHOTShooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show
SHOTSight Hound Organization of Tidewater (Virginia)
SHOTShoot Hell Obduracy Troopers (fiction)
SHOTStudent Health Outreach Team (University of Florida)
SHOTSingle-Hull Oil Tanker
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Of twenty-four arrows, shot in succession, ten were fixed in the target, and the others ranged so near it, that, considering the distance of the mark, it was accounted good archery.
How say you, old war-hound, will you not have a flight shot or two with this springald?
They say he shot the cockade off his own servant's hat; just like him to have cockades, of course.
The other archers in this round were disconcerted by the preceding shots, or unable to keep the pace.
Stepan Arkadyevitch shot two more birds and Levin two, of which one was not found.
All's well with him; no fear for a hand that's been shot down in his duty to captain and owner.
First, it was starlight, and Saxtorph shot without drawing a bead; next, he shot so rapidly that the two reports were like a double report; and finally, he knew he had hit his marks without looking to see.
Now, reserving for another discussion the means of producing this velocity, I will call your attention to the dimensions which it will be proper to assign to the shot.
And you will own yourself, Judge, that the buck fell at the last shot, which was sent from a truer and a younger hand than your’n or mine either; but, for my part, although I am a poor man I can live without the venison, but I don’t love to give up my lawful dues in a free country.
He roves about in the garden of the palace and upon the ramparts: yes, once he even shot your father and mother right in the heart.
Said negro has been shot in the left arm between the shoulder and elbow, which has paralysed the left hand.
re-echoed Sir Henry and I, and from that day Good's reputation as a marvellous shot was established, at any rate among the Kafirs.