SHPBSplit-Hopkinson Pressure Bar
SHPBStandard Hadamard-Pauli Base
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Rittel [23] used thermocouples to measure the temperature rise during dynamic compression of PC and epoxy on SHPB.
42] investigated the compressive stress-strain behavior of pure PP at different high strain rates and temperatures using a SHPB.
The literature so far indicates the inaccuracies involved in using SHPB data in machining simulations and also the approximations induced by the mathematical techniques used to compute the flow stress model parameters.
NARA, RG 254, entry 1, box 19, file SHPB 02/88:40, clipping, "Metal Workers Open Bargaining Drive with 'No Strike' Bid," 6 January 1941; Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, American Federation of Labor fonds, US MSS 117A, series 11B, box 9, folder "World War II Policy National War Labor Board," "'Report of President Green to the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor on the Conference of Labor and Industry called by President Roosevelt.
001/s to 7000/s) and various temperatures (-40[degrees]C to 25[degrees]C) by using the universal testing machine and SHPB equipped with temperature controllers.
After Kolsky [30] introduced the SHPB technique for dynamic testing of specimens, SHPB has become a widely used experimental technique to test materials at high strain rates.
All assumptions must be considered carefully during the SHPB experimenls.
By caring out the SHPB tests at very high strain rates it was possible to investigate the influence of the [gamma] process on the model predictions.
The specimens for the quasi-static and the high-strainrate SHPB compression tests were all of right cylinder circular geometry, with a diameter of approximately 11.
SHPB specimens were lubricated with either a thin spray coating of boron nitride or a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide grease.
However, a wide disparity exists between model predictions and the SHPB test data (with a nominal true strain rate of 1000/s) in a strain range of around 0 to 0.