SHPISpecialized Health Products International, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)
SHPISymposium on High Performance Interconnects
SHPISelf Help Group Promoting Institution (India)
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These are: i) banks directly promoting SHGs and providing them credit, ii) NGOs acting as SHPIs and linking SHGs with banks for credit support, and iii) NGOs acting as intermediary MFIs and of-lending money to the SHGs.
The significance of qualifying as an SHPI is that the value of said interest will be equal to its liquidation value.
A partnership must make a formal Safe Harbor Election and attach the election to its tax return, which includes the effective date of the election, if it wants to issue an SHPI.
The one thing that I focused on when I became CEO is the transition of SHPI from an underperforming, early stage R&D company, to a successful operating company, with multiple revenue streams and strategic relationships," Soinski says.
According to David Green, CFO at SHPI, it's Soinski's ability to lead the team that has equaled success for the company.
The LiftLoc system is the first SHPI product to be manufactured and marketed under its own label as well as supplied as a private label product system to OEM partners such as Bard Access Systems and Merit Medical.
The launch of the Monoject Magellan(TM) safety syringe is the culmination of two years of joint development effort between SHPI and Tyco Healthcare.
Jeff Soinski, President and CEO of SHPI said, "The launch of the Monoject Magellan(TM) syringe represents a significant milestone for SHPI, in that it is the first commercial product available based upon the FlexLoc(R) medical safety needle technology.
SHPI have pioneered a comprehensive range of safety needle technologies designed to protect healthcare workers from the growing incidence of needlestick injuries.
SHPI has a considerable number of patents for its growing range of safety needle products, which are becoming increasingly important to the Healthcare sector, as it faces pressure to protect its workers.
At the company's AGM (22/06/00), David Robinson, President and CEO of SHPI announced the introduction of 2 safety needle technologies, designed to meet the growing demand for new products in this area.