SHPKSherbimi Policor i Kosoves (Albanian: Kosovo Police Service)
SHPKShoqëria Me Përgjegjësi Të Kufizuar (Albania: limited liability corporation)
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HK) is pleased to announce that Keen Dynamics Limited ("KDL"), its joint venture with Friedmann Pacific Asset Management Limited ("Friedmann Pacific") which focuses on global airport investments, has signed an agreement to acquire Tirana International Airport SHPK ("TIA"), the concessionary developer and operator of the capital airport of Albania.
The pavilion number 69 to the participants of "Golden Autumn-2017" were presented to the animals of the agricultural enterprises of the Vologda region of "Sheksninskaya Dawn" SHPK "Plemzavod May" SEC PKZ "Vologda", as well as the stands of "plempredprijatija" Vologda "and JSC" plempredprijatija Cherepovets.
13 bc Storgozia and SHPK 3 jk Storgozia and includes three lots as follows Lot ?