SHPOState Historical Preservation Office (various states)
SHPOSeattle Historic Preservation Officer (Seattle, WA)
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Breach of a SHPO is an offence punishable on summary conviction to a maximum six months imprisonment or a fine or on indictment to imprisonment for a maximum of five years.
The SHPO coordinates the National Register Program in Michigan.
Nominated buildings are reviewed by historic preservation experts at the SHPO and the state's National Register Review Board.
The process of National Register of Historic Places Determination of Eligibility (DOE) involves SHPO review and, frequently, a committee within the SHPO that decides on the eligibility merits of cultural resources based on Criteria A-D.
After the Forest Service initially concluded that the Huckleberry Divide Trail was ineligible for listing on the National Register, but the SHPO suggested otherwise, the Forest Service reconsidered its decision and this time found the trail eligible.
Moreover, SHPO review does not constitute peer review, which would involve the participation of independent and impartial specialists who have expertise in the appropriate area of study and who conduct objective evaluations of CRM reports.
For example, in 2006 the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Indiana SHPO, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and FHWA adopted a programmatic agreement that defines a process to identify those historic bridges within the State that are most suitable for preservation.
88) A SHPO is designated in each state by the Governor or chief executive or by state statute to administer the State Historic Preservation Program.
For more information on the program, contact SHPO at 1115 Commercial St.
After SHPO drafted the first bill, the nine federally recognized Oregon tribes became involved.
Certified Local Governments are counties, townships or cities that partner with the SHPO and the National Park Service to preserve their historic and cultural resources.
Further details and program materials will be forthcoming from SHPO.