SHPOState Historical Preservation Office (various states)
SHPOSenior Housing Promotion Organization (Japan)
SHPOSeattle Historic Preservation Officer (Seattle, WA)
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The 23-year-old appeared at Teesside Magistrates' Court where she pleaded guilty to breaching her SHPO.
Accordingly we quash the SHPO and, to that extent, the appeal is allowed," concluded the judge, who was sitting with Mrs Justice Yip and Judge Mark Lucraft QC.
for historic preservation sites can be sent to the SHPO and proposed
159) The court dismissed this claim as the determination of eligibility is typically up to the agency and the SHPO, and as both had concurred, there was no basis for reversal.
The apparent customary practice in the New York SHPO allows program officers to assist laypersons with little experience in historic preservation to research sites they consider good prospects, in order to make the best case with the State Review Board and the National Park Service.
Breach of a SHPO is an offence punishable on summary conviction to a maximum six months imprisonment or a fine or on indictment to imprisonment for a maximum of five years.
Nominated buildings are reviewed by historic preservation experts at the SHPO and the state's National Register Review Board.
2007:37 states in part "whereas, whether these stone structures are massive or small, stacked, stone rows, or effigies, these prayers in stone are often mistaken by archaeologists and State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPO) as efforts of farmers clearing stones for agricultural or wall building purposes; and archaeologist and SHPOs, categorically thereafter, dismiss these structures as non-Indian and insignificant, permitting them to be the subject of sacrilege of archaeological dissection and later destruction during development projects.
As outlined in the OEP Guidelines, the process begins with contacting consulting parties, such as a SHPO or Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, to ascertain the type and extent of any cultural resources investigations.
The SHPO reviews the request and makes the appropriate critical comments to the National Park Service, which in turn makes the final decision.
The SHPO can also tell you if property tax abatements or moratoriums are available.
She thenbreached her SHPO after creating a Facebook accountusing another name and appeared at court in April last year over the matter.