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SHRStewart-Haas Racing (automobile racing team)
SHRSpontaneously Hypertensive Rat
SHRSaskatoon Health Region (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
SHRStaff Human Resources
SHRSchool House Rock (TV shorts)
SHRSensible Heat Ratio
SHRSupplementary Homicide Report
SHRShift Logical Right
SHRSteroid Hormone Receptor
SHRSelf-Healing Ring
SHRSierra High Route (Sierra Nevada trail, California)
SHRSveriges Herpetologiska Riksförening (Sweden)
SHRSheridan, WY, USA - Sheridan County Airport (Airport Code)
SHRSand Hill Road (Menlo Park, CA)
SHRSimpsons Hit and Run (video game)
SHRSouth Hunterdon Regional High School (Lambertville, New Jersey)
SHRSuperheterodyne Receiver
SHRSport History Review (journal)
SHRSuburban Home Records (Denver, CO)
SHRState Highway Route
SHRSpectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc. (Saint Louis, MO)
SHRStep Height Reduction
SHRServer Hit Ratio
SHRSpecial Hazards Review (NIOSH)
SHRSelf-Help Resource
SHRSoft Handoff Region
SHRSlack Hoist Rope
SHRSteve Henry Racing (Texas)
SHRSolder Heat Resistance
SHRSouth Hampton Roads (Virginia)
SHRSilverHorse Racing (Melbourne, FL)
SHRSanoma Hearst Romania (media company; est. 1999)
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Income from discontinued operations attributable to SHR common shareholders
Results: SHR treated with Pra-c for 8 weeks had a lower systolic pressure than untreated SHR (p < 0.
Seamless Hot Restore (SHR) - In the event of a VM crash or failure, SHR can quickly startup a VM from an image backup while simultaneously restoring the same VM into the Hyper-V environment.
The SHR inquiry followed a series of complaints by whistleblowers.
5 for Hyper-V with SHR is a revolutionary new backup and disaster recovery solution that is designed and optimized for the protection of small-scale Hyper-V virtual environments.
0], SHR = 1) that divides the cooling coil condition into wet-coil condition and dry-coil condition, as shown in Figure 1 where QT is normalized (i.
Control innervated SHR group--The animals were maintained on an iv infusion of saline and subsequently, three 20-min urine samples were collected.
For example, manufacturer D provides the values for the total cooling capacity and the sensible cooling capacity, but not the SHR value in its manual.
In the airways, the most important neurotrophin is believed to be NGF, but because it is derived primarily from nonneuronal sources, its role in patients with SHR is uncertain.
The SHR, with an operating route length of 594 kilometres, is a vital railway section for China s West-to-East Coal Transfer project.
Methods: SHRs were divided into four groups: SHR control, SHR + 40 mg/kg captopril, SHR + 30 mg/kg OMT and SHR + 60 mg/kg OMT.
The partnership began in April 2008, where SHR sought feedback on the health services they provide.