SHRNSudan Human Rights Network (Washington, DC)
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The SHRN noted that terrorism moves from one place to another, and that they will eventually move to the countries that are supporting it now as evidenced by the recent Boston bombings.
The SHRN statement criticized the human rights institutions and the international bodies that have turned a blind eye on the reality of what is happening in Syria, saying those bodies seek to consolidate the policy of armed violence.
In a statement, the SHRN said that these irresponsible and savage acts are one of the Istanbul opposition's characteristics.
The SHRN considered the silence of the AL on these acts as a flagrant violation of its charter, demanding the Egyptian authorities to shoulder responsibility in investigating the case.
SHRN Condemns Assault on Syrian Delegation in Cairo The Syrian Human Rights Network (SHRN) on Sunday condemned the assault which took place in Cairo against a Syrian delegation comprising artists and youth figures in addition to jurists.
For his part, Syrian Human Rights Network (SHRN) spokesman Ahmad al-Khazem said that the SHRN views the forming of the committee as a positive and constructive step the optimal expression of popular democracy.
In a statement issued on Sunday, the SHRN indicated that foreign parties are involved in the conspiracy hatched against Syria and the systematic attack against it as they ignore the serious reforms which have started to be translated on the ground, and the national dialogue, in addition to the support mass rallies in which millions participated.