SHROSudan Human Rights Organization
SHROServicing Human Resources Office
SHROSbarro Health Research Organization (Wayne, PA)
SHROSexual Harassment Referral Officer
SHROSenior Human Resources Officer
SHROSystem Human Resources Office (Texas Agricutural and Mechanical University)
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The SHRO proposed that it vet applicants seeking UN relief and then forward those in greatest need to the UNHCR for its consideration.
Further, no-one can be denied the right to appeal directly to the UNHCR, which circumvents the SHRO vetting.
The SHRO included in its death toll figures "armed civilians" and "Syrian regime's soldiers" besides 1482 break away soldiers and 10978 pro-regime soldiers in addition to 784 unidentified fatalities.
The London-based SHRO relies on figures of the death toll it has obtained from activists and representatives in various parts of Syria as well as civil and military medical sources.
The SHRO added that "More than 28 regime soldiers were killed whose vehicles have been targeted by explosive devices or who were killed during clashes in various Syrian provinces.
September 25, 2010 SHRO condemns government media hostilities to intimidate voters
EMPTY PROMISES Reacting to the recently declared presidential amnesty by Sudan government to Darfuris accused of attacking government forces in Omdurman over a year ago, SHRO described the development as "late-coming promises" that do not benefit citizens.
SHRO renews the popular national claim for the transitional authorities to suspend all articles in the Criminal Law that legalized death penalty, floggings, or imprisonment of pregnant women or mothers.
Today SHRO condemned "the illegal climate of violence the government has been spreading over the public life in pursuit of the President's personal effort to silence all comments on the international prosecution and the warrant of arrest issued against him by the ICC.