SHRPStrategic Highway Research Program
SHRPSam Houston Race Park (Houston, TX)
SHRPSchool of Health Related Professions
SHRPScience and Human Rights Program (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
SHRPSociety for Human Resource Professionals
SHRPSmall Habitat Restoration Program
SHRPScientific Human Resources Board
SHRPSubcommittee on Health Risk Assessment (US EPA)
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The hippocampal neurogenesis in rodents is followed by a stress hyporesponsive period (SHRP), after which the HPA axis consolidates and responds in an adult-like way.
At high service temperatures, rutting resistance tests were measured as a function of some binder parameters (viscosity, ductility recovery, nonrecoverable creep compliance, complex shear modulus G*, and parameter specified by SHRP [G.sup.*]/sin [delta]).
The PG was evaluated according to Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) specification.
TruGrade comprehensive software package is available for the proprietary Bohlin Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSRs) for SHRP and AASHTO asphalt testing.
5 DISCIPLINES OF CURRENT STUDENTS Business 7% Education 1% Engineering 11% Arts & Humanities 25% Natural Sciences & Mathematics 28% Nursing 3% SHRP 1% Social & Behavioral Sciences 22% Undecided 2% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Ideal for the asphalt industry, the spindles satisfy SHRP and ASTM test requirements.
Superpave arose from the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), which was a series of federally funded research contracts awarded in the late 1980s by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).
Tickers featured: BKST, HIBB, PETM, POOL, SHRP, TSA, TSCO.
SHRP binder tests and fracture toughness tests were performed to determine the correlation between the binder properties and the simulated field performance.