SHRQSituational Humor Response Questionnaire (psychology)
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ANOVAs were completed to test the difference between institutionalized and non-institutionalized older adults in humor as measured by the group SHRQ scores.
For the ANOVA tests, the SHRQ was found to have an effect size of .25 while the IFE was found to have an effect size of .98.
Notwithstanding the fact that age was a covariate of humor, there continued to be no demonstrated differences in SHRQ scores between the two residential groups.
Tentative explanations may have to do with the lack of precision of measurement of humor by the SHRQ. Thorson and Powell (1991) found that the SHRQ measures the propensity to laugh.
Additionally, power analysis of the SHRQ revealed an effect size of .25.
SHRQ. The reliability of the SHRQ was confirmed in this study.
Low statistical power of the SHRQ, evaluation apprehension of the research subjects, and limited generalizability since the sample was not random.