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SHRUGSeven Hills Regional User Group (Tallahassee, FL)
SHRUGScottish Health Service Resource Utilization Groups (aging research)
SHRUGSouth Hampton Roads User Group (Virginia)
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When they tell me such things, I only shrug my shoulders and say nothing.
If he did shrug his shoulders, it was not till Sir William was out of sight.
I am completely ignorant of it, madame," said the cardinal, accompanying his words with a slight shrug of the shoulders; "alas, our own wars quite absorb the time and the mind of a poor, incapable, infirm old minister like me.
She was always taking little houses for somebody's good, for the sick or the sorry, for broken-down artists, cleaned- out gamblers, temporarily unlucky speculators - VIEUX AMIS - old friends, as she used to explain apologetically, with a shrug of her fine shoulders.
But really--with only a medical treatise, you know--" and she glanced, with a pretty shrug of contempt, at the book over which I had fallen asleep.
oui; ees, sair,” returned Monsieur Le Quoi, with a slight shrug of his shoulder, and a trifling grimace, “dere is more.
Neither too much nor too little," was replied by a shrug of the shoulders.
They all gave a shrug and an Indian grunt of acquiescence, and went off sulkily to their village, to lay aside their weapons for the present.
Then with a little shrug, "Happily for you, you are an American
I saw her shrug her uncovered shoulders impatiently.
Sherlock Holmes glanced sharply across at me with a slight shrug of his shoulders.
John Clayton departed chuckling, and Holmes turned to me with a shrug of his shoulders and a rueful smile.