SHSBSociété historique de Saint-Boniface (Canada)
SHSBSouthend High School for Boys (UK)
SHSBSutton Hoo Ship Burial (England, UK)
SHSBSacred Heart School for Boys
SHSBSoft-Hard Surface Boundary
SHSBSocket Head Stripper Bolt (mechanical)
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From Figure 9(a) (Supplementary material (available here)), the delivery ratio of SHSA is almost the same with SHSB. The SHSA is based on regular based during constructing cluster, which can make each regular node assigned to a cluster head.
Case number Constructing cluster Maintaining routing Case 1 SHSA Scheme 1 Case 2 SHSB Scheme 1 Case 3 SHSA Scheme 2 Case 4 SHSB Scheme 2
Raw whole soybean (RSB), whole soybean heated with steam (SHSB) and extruded whole soybean (EXSB) were given as supplements at 0.7% of live weight (LW).
Supplements were RWB, SHSB (110[degrees]C for 30 min) and EXSB, given at 0.7% of LW.
(33.) Manitoba Liberal, 19 January 1872, "Hints to Immigrants"; SHSB, Fonds Archiepiscopale Catholique Romaine de Saint-Boniface, Serie Alexandre Tache, (Tache Papers), pp.
(36.) SHSB, Tache papers, pp.T8888-8901, Archibald to Royal et al., 30 May 1871.