SHSCSmall Hybrid Sports Concept
SHSCSocial Housing Services Corporation (Canada)
SHSCSunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SHSCStaunton Harold Sailing Club (est. 1975; Australia)
SHSCSafety Hazard Severity Code
SHSCSerious Hardware/Software Crap (
SHSCSite Health and Safety Coordinator
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In the simulation, we compare the QAC scheduling algorithm with RSC algorithm, SHSC algorithm and WBAN-DC algorithm proposed in [18] which is the most similar algorithm to the QAC scheduling algorithm to the best of our knowledge.
The network capacity of using RSC is better than that using SHSC. The reason is that the relay-based scheme is used in RSC, such that there are more nodes have distinct target receivers that are allowed to transmit data at the same time slot and the expected signals are strengthened due to the shortened communication distance.
It is expected that SHSC is better than WBAN-DC due to the better coloring approach proposed in SHSC, as shown in Fig.
It is demonstrated that the VPC using SHSC and WBAN-DC is quite low, which is coincidence with the above analysis that they need more colors compared with other algorithms.
Data collection was not limited to events experienced at SHSC, as electronic hospitalization and emergency department data were also available from five other major institutions in the Toronto area.
Approximately two patients per week were discharged with OPAT at SHSC, while only approximately half of these patients were referred to the ID service for follow-up.
Similar to the 2013 study by Allison et al., the OPAT population at SHSC had a slight male predominance and patients were commonly treated for bacteremia or bone and soft tissue infections [11].
In conclusion, OPAT at SHSC is currently arranged at the discretion of each physician, and a significant proportion of these patients experience unplanned health care encounters soon after discharge.
Bidders should note that SHSC have engaged Electrolite Consulting Ltd, trading as Ecovate to undertake the end to end management of the procurement process and potentially the project management of the subsequent processes for and on behalf of SHSC.