SHSGState Homeland Security Grant
SHSGSilver-Halide Sensitized Gelatin
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In a study of sonographic hydrotubation by F.F..Mitri et al, (6) sonographic findings were similar to HSG findings in 82% with regard to uterine assessment and 72 % with regard to tubal findings SHSG provided additional information not obtained from HSG.
Caption: Spas, a SHSG colour hologram by Usanov and Shevtsov.
4567) As reported by the House Program Amount State Homeland Security Grant (SHSG) $1.25 billion Urban Area Security Initiative Grants (UASI) $1 billion Law enforcement terrorism prevention grants $500 million Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG) $170 million Port Security Grants $125 million Firefighter Assistance Grants $600 million Rail Security Not less than $100 million (which will come from UASI funds) Metropolitan Medical Response System $50 million Interoperability and Communications $21 million
"The vulnerabilities of our small cities are not addressed in the Administration's budget," Collins stated in her opening remarks, noting the proposed budget cuts for the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSG), which designates at least 80 percent of funding to local governments.
They are researching the effects of different developer/bleach combinations on non-planar silver halide sensitized gelatin (SHSG), aiming to create a panchromatic DCG-type material using the different electron levels of certain transition elements.