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Walker's title also underscores her novel's moral/spiritual nexus--taking her title phrase, The Color Purple, from the most spiritual letter of the entire novel, in which Shug and Celie debate the nature and existence of God.
The supporting players -- Shug, Sofia, Mister -- are so much richer and larger than life until late in the game.
Celie's encounter with Shug plunges her headlong into the void.
In Shug and her philosophy about God and the universe, Walker gave us a model or a preview of the broader spirituality that many people have embraced in addition to and instead of a church-centric religious path.
Celie loves her too, only she can't really because Shug isn't like that.
Shug would find the God who emerges from these two books a lot less boring that the one she encountered in churches and dismissed because he failed to engage her.
Gradually, they realised that sometimes Shug would get up from where he lay and The Smell ( for by now it deserved capital letters) would be left behind.
Marsha Norman's book admittedly rushes the plot developments of the second act -- as Celie's relationship with bisexual Shug deepens and Celie's remarkable sister Nettie returns from a complex Africa odyssey as a missionary.
Shug is a singer and has kind of really been a survivor in the world of music.
Who: Jeannette Bayardelle, who plays the lead character Celie, and Angela Robinson as Shug, from the Broadway hit, "The Color Purple.
Walker, through Celie's nursing of Shug and Shug's liberating influence on Celie, shows how friends can fulfill the role of mother when needed.
As for Celie and blues singer Shug, whose affair got short shrift in the 1985 film version, "their relationship is closer to the one you get from the book," Griffin says of the two women.