SHWDSolid and Hazardous Waste Division (Wyoming)
SHWDSouth Hams and West Devon (UK)
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NYSE: NDB), today announced it is changing its market maker identification symbol from SHWD to NDBC, effective October 30, 2000.
SHWD recognised that with ever increasing financial challenges, a more transformational approach was needed with a sustainable Customer-facing model to meet the changing needs of the population and continue to deliver excellence in services.
Hersh Business number: 408/328-6899 Public Relations Contact: Wendy Blawa Business number: 617/227-3760 Trading Symbol/ Exchange: OAKT/Nasdaq Industry: Computer electronics; semiconductors Market Makers: CANT, GLAS, GRUN, HMQT, HRZG, JBOC, SBSH, SHWD, TSCO, VOIP, WETH, JEFF, MADF, MASH, MPAC, MSCO, UAWE, NEED, UFSC, NITE, NSLC, OLDE, PALM, PERT, PRUS, PWJC