SHWFSecretary for Health, Welfare and Food (Food and Health Bureau; Hong Kong)
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For SHWF and THWF specimens, rupture merely occurred at sidewalls, and the two cases experienced failure at Stage I and II only, that is, rock crumb flaking and rock burst.
Series Specimen type [alpha] Sample ID ([degrees]) I Intact specimen (Figure 1(a)) -- -- II Single-hole specimen without -- SHWF flaw (Figure 1(b)) 0 SHTF-0 30 SHTF-30 III Single-hole and two-flaw 60 SHTF-60 specimen (Figure 1(c)) 90 SHTF-90 IV Two-hole specimen without -- THWF flaw (Figure 1(d)) 0 THSF-0 30 THSF-30 V Two-hole and single-flaw 60 THSF-60 specimen (Figure 1(e)) 90 THSF-90 Table 2: Category of experienced failure stages.