SHXShaw Industries (former stock symbol; now delisted)
SHXSexual Health Xchange (est. 2007)
SHXSecondary Heat Exchanger
SHXLarge Sharks (FAO fish species code)
SHXSynapsis Hotline X Client
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Here's what you get per seat ordered: * Two-Year Membership in "Project Newplex" * Two Years of Free Quarterly Upgrades * Newplex SHX * Newplex Truetype * Printed Manual -- CD & Case * Quick Reference Cards * Character Request Forms * "Project Newplex" Membership Certificate * "Project Newplex" Membership Stickers
NASDAQ: ACLS) today announced that its joint venture, Sumitomo Eaton Nova (SEN), has secured an order for multiple single wafer, high dose SHX implanters from a key logic device manufacturer in Japan.
In addition to its use in cardiac defibrillators, the Saft LO 26 SHX cell is used for radio communications and other military applications, beacons and emergency location transmitters, sonobouys, and missiles.
Featuring over 1,100 desktop publishing and AEC font styles in filled SHX V2.
SHX5 is now available and features the same MONDO5 font set in filled SHX V1.