SHZStiftung Homoeopathie Zertifikat (German: Homeopathy Foundation Certificate)
SHZSpanish Home Zone (Spain)
SHZSeismic Hazard Zone
SHZShort Horn Zebu (cattle)
SHZSindikat Hrvatskih Zeljeznicara (Croatian: Croatian Union of Railwaymen)
SHZSchleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag (German: Schleswig-Holstein Newspaper Publisher)
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Building object SO 110 is subdivided into structural and technical professions as follows: A0 to architectural solutions S0 Architectural and structural design, P0 Sanitary technical installations, HC heating and cooling V0 Ventilation, E0 Power wiring, N0 Electronic systems, B0 EPS X0 Measurement and control, L0 lifting equipment, F1 Gas SHZ.
phase in selected municipalities, according to the plan for handling exceptions SHZ issued Krajsa health authority.
In the above objects sponsor is built SHZ own closed system of monitoring workplace FRS (Fire Brigade) or workplace technology.
Expansion of fire extinguishing equipment, modifications to existing systems and EPS SHZ, linking output of the SHZ, EPS, combustible gas detection, emergency ventilation and CCTV systems.
electronic fire alarm to other objects, modifying existing systems, fire extinguishing equipment and EPS, EPS interconnection outputs, SHZ, emergency ventilation and CCTV system in order to create an integrated security system through a warehouse superstructure system, move the control elements integrated.
Modifications to existing systems and fire extinguishing equipment EPS in the links between outputs of the SHZ, EPS, DHP, emergency ventilation and CCTV.
In the above objects authority is built SHZ own closed system with monitoring at the workplace FRS (Fire Brigade) or workplace technology.