SI2Silicon Integration Initiative
SI2Slightly Imperfect 2 (diamonds)
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Along with several technology contributions Intel has made to Si2 which extend the Si2 OpenAccess database, we're excited that OPAL can leverage some of our prior contributions, such as oaxPOP, which is a geometric engine for polygon operators on OpenAccess.
For this last leg, Piccard will be welcomed by Andre Borschberg who flew Si2 for the departure from Abu Dhabi in March 2015.
Si2 has achieved a maximum of 117 hours and 52 minutes of flight time with zero fuel consumption, according to its founder.
Si2 will continue its journey on Wednesday early morning to Varanasi in India, a senior executive of Solar Impulse, the organisation that built Si2, told Gulf News on Monday evening.
Hasan will accompany Si2 as a representative of the UAE on the journey and is expected to return with Si2 team to the emirate in late July or early August.
The first-phase launch of the Viper si2 system is geared toward customers in the jewelry, medical, electronic enclosures and tooling industries,'' said Suresh Jayanthi, senior director of business development for stereolithography.
Now in its 24th year, Si2 is uniquely positioned to enable timely collaboration through dedicated staff and a strong implementation focus driven by its member companies.
Si2 has used many innovative technologies that can improve people's lives in many sectors.
As stated by Jim Culp of IBM, the ISDA sees significant potential in using open standards to improve the quality and efficiency of communication not only between ISDA foundries, but also with their customers, and they are working with Si2 to develop the OpenDFM standard for implementation beyond 20nm.
Si2: will demonstrate the latest version of Si2oaD, the OpenAccess Debug utility developed by the Si2 engineering staff, along side the latest versions of oaScript, the OpenAccess Scripting Language.
The Distinguished Service Award to Jim Culp is based on his strong leadership of 2 projects at Si2, first with the DFM Coalition and now with the OpenPDK Coalition.