SIAASimulation Industry Association of Australia (Lindfield, Australia)
SIAAScottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
SIAAStrategic Independent Agents Alliance
SIAAShe is an Astronomer (International Year of Astronomy project)
SIAASocietas Iuridica Antiliana et Arubana (Dutch)
SIAAScience Industry Action Agenda (Australia)
SIAASeed Industry Association of Australia, Limited
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SIAA representatives were very interested in the current system in place at the state and association levels for certifying and disciplining appraisers.
AWARD: Noel Smith with SIAA president Diane de Burgh at yesterday's presentation ceremony; IT-GIRL: TD Harney at the centre
SIAA was not designed to evaluate clinical severity of pediatric AIDS cases.
We look forward to working with SIAA and Bangladesh s PPP Office to continue the development of a sound PPP methodology for the country that will stand the test of time and that will provide a bankable basis for the creation and operation of new infrastructure for the country.
The 7th Annual SIAA featured more than 1,400 entries from over 300 advertising agencies and 900 institutions.
SIAA also announced they had signed 410 new member agencies last year, which brings their total to 5,300 since their beginning 22 years ago.
SIAA nationally added 406 new agencies and again produced more than $300 million in new property-casualty premium in 2011.
The challenge lies with an aging and somewhat lazy independent agent channel attempting to force its buyer to purchase in a way that's convenient to the agent," says Tom Barrett, president of SIAA MidAmerica Inc.
SIAA accounts for one-eighth of the new agencies and has created 570 over the last 2 years.
Her work has been recognized numerous times with awards from: SIAA, Healthcare Marketing Review, EMA and HR Executive Magazine.
Tom Barrett NU P&C Strictly Sales columnist President, SIAA MidAmerica Inc.
Tom Barrett, CIC, ALA, is president of the Midwest and Southeast regions of SIAA Inc.