SIAADSecure Information Access Analysis & Dissemination
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The mean and standard deviation of ingredient's nutrient composition, ingredient's AA profile and SIAAD of test ingredients were calculated to provide information on variability.
Cereals and cereal by-products: The mean SIAAD of corn, RB, RP, and WB ranged from 79.4% to 97.8%, 82.1% to 96.9%, 64.9% to 83.2%, and 71.1% to 82.8%, respectively (Table 8).
More variation in RP's SIAAD in this study may be because of varying both processing techniques and chemical composition of samples.
Protein meals: The SIAAD of SBM-Argentine, SBM-India, SFM, CSM, and GM ranged from 77.2% to 91.5%, 77.1% to 89.5%, 60.0% to 91.4%, 56.8% to 85.8%, and 51.0% to 76.9%, respectively (Table 9).
The low SIAAD of SFM (77.1%) in our study was due to higher fiber content.
The SIAAD of SBM from Argentine and Indian regions was similar to those reported by other workers (Evonik, 2010; Ravindran et al., 2014).