SIADSierra Army Depot
SIADSelf Injury Awareness Day
SIADStatistical Information Analysis Division
SIADSustainable Integrated Area Development
SIADSystème Informatique d'Aide à la Décision (French: decision support system)
SIADSocieta Italiana Acetilene e Derivati (Italian: Italian Company of Acetylene and Derivatives; Bergamo, Italy)
SIADSyndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion
SIADSystème d'Information et d'Aide au Détachement (French: System Information and Support Secondment)
SIADSisteme de Asistare a Deciziei (Romania)
SIADSmart Integrated Access Device
SIADSociety of Illustrators, Artists & Designers
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Treatment of SIAD is determined by the severity of hyponatremia.
As an inflatable drag device, the SIAD is intended to be deployed around Mach 4, providing increased drag on the entry vehicle so it can reach the conditions at which the supersonic parachute can be deployed.
SIAD Macchine Impianti will also provide installation support activities on site including pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up using its own skilled technicians.
The new AFPLN3000 unit will use the most advanced air separation cryogenic technology for the production of more than 200 mtpd of high purity gases,' said Andrea Turetta, plant sales manager at SIAD Macchine Impianti said.
Nuvera said RIVOIRA and SIAD also plan to supply hydrogen gas from a new natural gas reforming plant to power the fuel cell systems.
SIAD Healthcare is member of Gruppo SIAD, headquartered in Bergamo, Italy, a major participant in the European market for medical and industrial gasses.
In connection with the distribution agreement, SIAD will undertake promotional activities within Italy that include the development of collateral marketing material, participation in trade shows and presentation of clinical papers.
The SIAD process was able to penetrate biological containment filters, totally destroy all Bacillus subtilis spores, and preserve the integrity of the filters.
The company has more than 200 customers worldwide, including Amoco Oil Company, Biotest, CTI, Enel, Getty Oil Company, Fiat, Interpol, Italstat, Levante, Montedison, SIAD Praxair Group, Air Liquide, and the University of Pisa.
SIAD projects include production and propagation of seedlings that include bamboo, coffee, rambutan, lanzones, cacao, pears, mountain tea, and citrus.