SIAESocietà Italiana Degli Autori ed Editori (Italian: Italian Society of Authors and Publishers; Rome, Italy)
SIAESlovenian Institute for Adult Education (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
SIAESingapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (est. 1975; Singapore)
SIAEStudent Advice and Information Center
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To more fully investigate the possible contribution of rare SIAE variants to human autoimmunity, the researchers completely scanned the protein-coding portions of the SIAE gene in blood samples from a total of 923 individuals with common autoimmune disorders and 648 control participants.
One variant only prevented the secretion of SIAE if inherited from both parents, but the other 11 identified variants interfered with the enzyme's activity when only a single gene copy was altered.
"While loss-of-function variants in SIAE itself account for only about 2 or 3 percent of autoimmune cases, Pillai explains, "we are actively investigating other genes in this pathway that may be defective in a larger percentage of patients.