SIAJSilicone Industry Association of Japan
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In contrast to the EMG deal, Egyptian businessman Wajih Siaj had all his assets in Egypt seized by the Egyptian government for concluding a land deal with Israel to develop land in Taba for tourism.
18), even if it were Esperanto, however attractive such renderings as 'Edvardo Urso, konata al siaj amikoj kiel Winnie-la-Pu'.
This also compares well with the correspondence of MK syem 'island' with Paekche sema 'id.' (15) or of Chinese readings with a nucleus EMC * ej > LMC * iaj with ye in Sino-Korean (e.g., 'West' [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] EMC * sej > LMC * siaj :: MK sye, 'blue' [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] EMC * tshej[??] > LMC * tshiajh[??]] :: MK chyeng).