SIASTSaskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
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Hardy, the vehicle merchant of Winesburg, like thousands of other men of his times, was an enthu- siast on the subject of education.
There are more than 2,800 Aboriginal students enrolled in programs at SIAST. The advisors will be distributed among three campuses: two in Prince Albert, three in Saskatoon, and one in Moose Jaw.
AFTER reading Imran Khan's article on; 'Why the West craves materialism and why the East sticks to religion' published in the Siast Daily on August 9, 2018, I have become a bit perplexed.
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology (SIAST)
"Project of Heart provides a more in-depth look at Indian residential schools beyond the facts and historical events," said Jennifer McGillis, SIAST Aboriginal activity centre leader, in a news release.
Members were given shelter at SIAST facilities with 100 making the trip to La Ronge and 500 to Prince Albert, while the remainder went to Saskatoon.
In addition to his summary I would like to point out to readers the role of the technical institute, SIAST. SIAST trains the technologist level of scientist and engineers who also contribute to the economy of the province.
Numerous scholarships and bursaries are available to students applying for programs at SIAST (the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology).
As part of an annual program planning process, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) conducts a number of formal and informal consultations with various SIAST stakeholders in order to identify and research future program training needs in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.