SIBESistema de Interconexión Bursátil Español (Spanish: Exchange Electronic Trading System)
SIBESpectrum International Beauty Expo (California)
SIBEScottish Institute for Biotechnology Education (UK)
SIBESites of Biological and Ecological Interest (various organizations)
SIBESubacute Inclusion Body Encephalitis
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Roth Li has had a native Sibe speaker make an audio file reading the first three lessons.
OTC-QB: SIBE, "the Company") is to utilize advanced technology and education management to enhance and accelerate the delivery of 21st century learning using multiple teaching and learning modalities on a global basis.
Each of them has their specialist area - what Sibe doesn't know about alpine rock gardens (see small projects) isn't worth knowing.
As a result, 2015 appears to be shaping up as a banner year for the Company as more complementary firms join the SIBE family.
The translation work still continues; a translation of the Dream of the Red Chamber (Honglou meng) appeared only in 1993 in Xinjiang, the work of a Sibe writer, Musiodung.
Orc is proud to announce the release of the new SIBE SMART market interface as an active response to the financial markets technical roadmaps.
Contract notice: Framework agreement - maintenance services - distribution, lighting, sibe, earthing & lightning protection.
The SiBe is responsible for the quality assurance of safety and security during construction.
SIBE:OTCBB (formerly SDVC)] (hereinafter referred to as "Sibling Holdings") filed a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission to report that effective June 15, 2007, its new ticker symbol is SIBE.
Disassembly and activation works of about 60 m cable run, 800 m cable;Installation of approximately 60 m cable trays, 1500 m cables and wires, 30 lights,Extension of existing SIBE system by 5 security lights,5 escape sign luminaires.
Project Description: Contribution to the reduction of GHG emissions in the fight against land degradation and conservation of protected SIBE of Brikcha and the Regional Natural Park Bouhachem areas through the introduction of energy efficient equipment, production and marketing of wood and orchards promote agroecology