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SIBORStaten Island Board of Realtors (Staten Island, NY)
SIBORSingapore Interbank Offered Rate
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Analysts say continuation and/or widening of Sibor discount could result in capital outflows or a shift in deposits from the Saudi riyal to the dollar.
Boston's law provides a "very basic" standard where there was none previously, Sibor says.
For shares CFD trades, there is a 0.08% commission fee on every trade (with a minimum fee of SGD10) and a financing charge of 2.5% +/- 1 month SIBOR rate p.a for long/short positions applied every day until the positions are closed.
The inaugural sukuk has a three-year tenor with an amortising structure and pays a coupon of three month Sibor plus 80 basis points quarterly.
Data on the straight bond issue of a Singapore developer C Issue Issue Estimated Bond Rate of year (1) amount (1) loan cost coupon S'pore (S$ mil) at issue rate (1) gov't bond (SIBOR at issue (2) + all-in spread) 2005 325 2.42% 3.01% 2.625% Issue Average Average 3 mth Maturity year (1) 3 mth 3 mth SIBOR (3) year SIBOR at SIBOR at maturity issue during bond period 2005 2.13% *2.12% 0.44-0.56% 2010 * Asterisk indicates average SIBOR calculated up to Jun 09.
Other significant corporate issues during third quarter of 2011 included the first publicly listed $480 million corporate sukuk issuance by Saudi International Petrochemical Company on the Saudi stock exchange with an expected return of SIBOR plus 1.75 per cent and a tenor of five years.
Pricing for the sukuk for the first five years will be 1.7 per cent over the six- month Sibor and can be returned in five years, the bank said.
The bond, the bank's first Saudi riyal-denominated issue, was priced at 110 basis points over Sibor, or at the low end of the indicative range of 110-120 basis points.
Priced at 110 basis points over the Saudi Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR), the five-year bond witnessed high demand from investors in a short book-building period, resulting in a price that was tangibly at the lower end of the range.
The five-year bond was priced at 110 basis points over the Saudi Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) at the tighter end of price guidance of 110-120 basis points, and was the company's first offering in Saudi riyals.
Saudi banks were being offered pricing of less than 100 basis points above the Saudi interbank offered rate (Sibor), rising to about 150 basis points above Sibor after three years.
The 2007 Sukuk was priced at 45 basis points above the Saudi Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR).