SIBRAStaten Island Bicycling and Running Association
SIBRASynthetic Inducible Biological Response Amplifier
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This framework agreement covers the implementation of new urban transport services on behalf of sibra on the territorial territory of rumilly terre de savoie, which include: - the operation of the regular transport of line 2, - the operation of the on-line virtual line transport of line 3.
Importers of the product, Sibra Products, Inc., of Greenwich, CT, report that Moussy sales between 1989 and 1990 jumped seven percent to over 700,000 cases.
In Brazil, other changes by VUPSA included the beginnings at Sibra late in 1997 of a production changeover from silicomanganese to silicon metal that involved two furnace conversions.
Contract notice: framework agreement for the carriage of passengers for the performance of a regular summer route on behalf of sibra
On the larger or potentially larger scale, production at Brazil's Sibra FeMn/SiMn plant was brought back to full capacity early in the year.
The light beer category will finally shed its "weak and watery image" with the worldwide introduction of Cardinal Amber Light, according the Sibra Products, Inc., the beer's importer.
This contract will be concluded with the local public transport company, the SIBRA (inter-company bus Annecy Region) for operation of the future bus network located in the canton of Rumilly.
Two of Brazil's Mn alloy producers, Sibra and Paulista, have been put under administrators.
A new $1 million print advertising campaign for Moussy non-alcoholic beer has been introduced, Sibra Products, Inc., Greenwich, CT, has reported.
Contract notice: Cleaning of transport vehicles operated by sibra
Sibra commenced production of 25,000 mt/yr medium-carbon FeMn using an oxygen-blowig technique developed by its parent, Cia.
Also recently, the importer announced that Sibra Products, subsidiary of Sibra Beverages International, has assumed the marketing and administrative responsibilities for Moussy non-alcoholic malt beverage.