SICBMSmall Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (Midgetman)
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Scowcroft was allied with congressional Democrats in his support for the SICBM. Within the Pentagon, both Cheney and Strategic Air Command Chief General John Chain favored the MX over the SICBM, in either mobile or nonmobile variants (Beatty 1989, 59; Hoffman 1989; Smith 1989a; Gergen 1989).
To fend off congressional pressure to conclude START while the administration developed an arms control consensus, the Bush team decided to deploy both the rail-MX and the SICBM, concentrate on conventional arms control, and launch a strategic arms control initiative on verification measures as its opening approach to START (Halverson 1989).
Bush, Baker, and Scowcroft agreed on a proposal for a complete ban on MIRVed ICBMs, which would preclude deployment of the MX, while allowing the SICBM to be developed.