SICGSavez Izvidjaca Crne Gore (Montenegrin scouting organization)
SICGSydney Indoor Climbing Gym (Australia)
SICGStrategic Initiatives Consulting Group
SICGSoroptimist International Commonwealth Group
SICGSenior Inter-Agency Coordinating Group
SICGSemiconductor and Integrated Circuits Group (Hitachi, Ltd.)
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The mission of SICG is to form a working partnership of federal, state, industrial, and academic elements.
SICG works closely with venture capital funds and investors in technology, cleantech & life sciences, providing support on the various non-scientific and technical challenges facing investors and companies as they grow.
During his 30 years at Hitachi, all spent in the semiconductor division, he worked his way through numerous staff and executive positions including, in the last ten years, deputy general manager responsible for Microcomputer/ASIC operations, deputy general manager of strategic planning, deputy general manager of SICG (now SIC), and his most recent position as managing director of HISEE.