SICGSavez Izvidjaca Crne Gore (Montenegrin scouting organization)
SICGSydney Indoor Climbing Gym (Australia)
SICGStrategic Initiatives Consulting Group
SICGSoroptimist International Commonwealth Group
SICGSenior Inter-Agency Coordinating Group
SICGSemiconductor and Integrated Circuits Group (Hitachi, Ltd.)
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The SICG used in the experiment originated from the factory of Dongsuh food industry (Incheon, Korea) and was stored at -20[degrees]C until commencing the experiment.
Fermentation was performed to investigate the change in characteristic and to determine fermentation period of SICG using L.
Chemical composition of SICG relative to fermentation time is shown in Table 4.
Microbial count and fermentation characteristics in SICG in response to fermentation time are shown in Table 5.
In the SICG, it was reported to have low available nutrients [4] which including the complex melanoidin which is difficult to break down [15].
As the feeding of SICG in sheep has had a significant effect on water intake and urine excretion due to caffeine [8], the feeding of FSICG could be worrisome in dairy cows.
Factors cbp, fbp, speG, sicG, gfbA, and bca clustered clonally into the phylogeny (Figure 1).
However, sicG was present in a substantially higher proportion of isolates in our study (38.5%) than in another study (9.0%) (18), and it was primarily within clades C-E.
All isolates had cbp, sicG, and gfbA virulence factors.
Virulence factors cbp, fbp, speG, sicG, gfbA, and bca clustered clonally into the clades more likely to cause invasive disease
MLST, multilocus sequence type; SG, serogroup; ST, MLST; Y, year; M, mortality; S, severity; 1, cbp; 2, fbp; 3, speG; 4, sicG; 5, gfbA; 6, bca.