SICMSchenectady Inner City Ministry
SICMSedgley International Christian Ministries
SICMScientific Instrument Cost Model
SICMSystem for Integrated Contract Management
SICMSingle Ionic Channel Model
SICMSemantic Integrity Constrants Management (Telcordia)
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Themed "Back to BaSICs: Here We Go Again," this year's homecoming will gather all the alumniof SICM, especially its Jubilarians from the following batches: 1959 (Diamond), 1969 (Golden), 1979 (Ruby), 1989 (Pearl) and 1994 (Silver).
The Silver Jubilarians, the lead host batch for this year, has spearheaded a fundraising event for SICM last July 20, with the block screening of the 1994 Walt Disney film, "The Lion King," at Powerplant Cinema 4.
As a prelude to the homecoming event, there is a series of activities that highlight the Isabelans' collective commitment to sustain SICM for years to come.
On September 8, a whole day medical mission and feeding program called #Kalusuganatkarunungan is also scheduled at the SICM school grounds.
The applicability and versatility of the method are confirmed with the experimental results by using SICM and AFM.
A home-built AFM is used with necessary hardware and software modification [31] to construct SICM as shown in Figure 3.
Local Scanning with SICM. A self-made PDMS sample (Sylgard 184, A/B = 10:1, diameter: 6 [micro]m, height: 300 nm) was used to verify the feasibility of the proposed local scanning algorithm with AC-SICM.
Like the scanning tunneling microscope, the SICM builds up an image of a sample surface by scanning a sharply tipped probe just above the surface's tiny hills and valleys.
Ions make up the current in the SICM, which "is designed specifically for biology and electrophysiology," the researchers say.
The SICM probe is a hollow glass microelectrode filled with a conductive salt solution.