SICNStichting Islamitisch Centrum Nederland (Dutch: Islamic Centre of the Netherlands Foundation)
SICNSistema Interconectado Centro Norte (Spanish: North Central Interconnected System; electricity; Peru)
SICNSociété Industrielle de Combustible Nucléaire (French: Society of Industrial Nuclear Fuel)
SICNState Institutions Computer Network (Lithuania)
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Energy is supplied by direct access to the North-Central Interconnected Electrical System (SICN) or Electroandes S.A., and water is available in the area.
The electrowinning plant yields 3,000 mt/yr Cu and energy is supplied by direct access to the North-Central Interconnected Electrical System (SICN).
It also has direct access to the North-Central Interconnected Electrical System (SICN).
The research on different aspect of single-layer hard SiCN coatings has also been reported by one of the authors Mishra et al.
In the present paper our research on the microstructural study on the interface of the alternate hard and soft layers of Si-C-N and mechanical and fracture behaviour of hard and tough SiCN multilayered structure deposited by magnetron sputtering is discussed.
Though the interface between the hard and soft layers was sharp, a very thin 5 nm reacted zone was observed at the interface between SiCN layer A and the substrate as can be seen in Figure 3(b).
Tenders are invited for GIL on behalf of Department of Science and Technology invites the proposal for the procurement of AVAYA make Analog and Digital Card with accessories under SICN project for the existing SICN network through e-tendering route.
Cui, "Intensive light emission from SiCN films by reactive RF magnetron sputtering," Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol.
After that, the resultant amorphous SiCN chunk was crushed into powder with an agate mortar and mixed with 20 wt% Fe[Cl.sub.2] powder as catalyst.
The SiCN derived from the polymer precursor reacted with oxygen survival in [N.sub.2] to produce silica and C[O.sub.2] via Reaction (1).
2 SiCN (g) + 8 O (g) [right arrow] 2 silica (s) + 2 N (g) + 2 C[O.sub.2] (g) (1)