SIDDRStockholm Initiative on Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration
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Traditionally post-conflict security and stability remain central to the core objectives of DDRR programme, however recognizing the inextricable links as well as mutual reinforcement between security and post-conflict economic recovery and development, a revisionist approach to DDRR has attempted to broaden its focus and scope, adding development dimension to reintegration and rehabilitation (R&R) phases (Coletta et al, 1996; SIDDR, 2006; Muggah 2006, 2009).
This produced recommendations to create strong synergy between reintegration and longer-term post-conflict socio-economic recovery and development in societies recovering from conflict (Coletta eta al 1996; SIDDR 2006).
SIDDR Working Paper, Working Group 3: Social and Economic Reintegration and Peacebuilding.